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Quick Plunges / Sharp Rebounds December 2020
Dramatic and sudden declines in stock markets are rare and can be painful initially. These situations are often the final straw for quite a few investors who decide it is time to throw in the towel and head for the sidelines.
Yield Thirsty Investors should look at Stock Dividends November 2020
Interest rates are hitting all-time lows due to COVID-19 fears. There is a very distinct possibility that interest rates are going to stay low for much longer than was previously anticipated.
Monthly Market Enthusiasm October 2020
When investors discuss the worst month for stock market performance most think of October.
What’s Driving Golds Prices? September 2020
The gold market is incredibly difficult to predict. There are obvious factors like supply and demand for physical gold. There are many other speculative factors that affect gold prices which are also important: the U.S. Dollar, political climate and central bank activity. However, there is one factor that is vastly...
Ride the Rally August 2020
The recent Canadian stock market rally after the dramatic losses of February and March has still left the Canadian stock market down 3.3% year-to-date.
From Worst to Best July 2020
The financial markets have been on a rollercoaster ride over the past six months. However, the net result of all this turbulence is not overly destructive as the following year-to-date performance data shows (all figures are in Canadian dollar terms): the S&P/TSX Canadian stock index is down 7.5%; international stocks...
Post-Pandemic Performance June 2020
The future is always unknown and the past is subject to interpretation and perspective. However, if the past is categorized appropriately then making honest subjective estimates about how the future could unfold would be very helpful to investors.
Size Still Matters May 2020
One intriguing development in the Canadian stock market since the outbreak of COVID-19 has been the reaction of investors who have not succumbed to panic and the temptation to flee equities. While there were very few outright winners, there were stocks that sidestepped the outright worst declines if you were...
Déjà Vu on the Way? April 2020
History is a fickle guide. It has a way of repeating itself (although never in exactly the same way) and it could be about to deliver a welcome reprieve from the Canadian stock market turmoil in the form of a potential turning point in what has been a one-sided slide...
An Average Decade? March 2020
Remembering the sentiment back in December 2009, not many investors were thinking that the next decade was going to be particularly prosperous for the world’s stock markets.

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