Working For You

Provisus Wealth Management designs and build comprehensive investment portfolios for individual investors like you.
1.Fully Integrated Investment Plan
2.Tax Efficient Investment Solutions
3.Dedicated Provisus Client Servicing
4.Transparent Reporting
5.Full Fee Disclosure

We Understand

Provisus understands that an investor's demand for simplicity, transparency and personalized advice begins with a comprehensive plan.

You want tailored advice and aggressive risk management for your entire net worth. You need choice and convenience without sacrificing results. Additionally, you want to protect every family member by incorporating all needs under the same investment strategy.

Flexible Plan

Provisus can supply a single, fully integrated investment plan that incorporates the opportunities with various investments and simplifies support for multiple account types.

You receive one statement listing all of your accounts and how your how portfolio is doing. This simplifies any strategic or tax planning you and your advisor are discussing.

Specialized Solutions

You will receive a tailor made solution that incorporates a number of investment vehicles. These investments are listed under Investment Solutions.

How It Works

Provisus has developed our industry leading wealth management program to assist clients through all the stages of creating a customized investment solution in a seamless step-by-step process which includes the following:

Advisor Referral

Private Client Questionnaire

Investment Policy Statement

Account Setup

Investor Reporting

Why Choose Us

Provisus Wealth Management is unique in the Canadian marketplace, as an independent provider of investment services working to ensure each portfolio is best suited to each client. We can help bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

Adapt To Changing Markets

Markets change over time. Provisus helps clients stay proactive with their portfolio management through ongoing repositioning and rebalancing.

We can help you stay on track and adapt to changing markets by building a tailor made investment portfolio that is personalized for your current and future requirements.

Access To Investment Experts

Many clients do not have the luxury of having access to a professional investment team.

At Provisus, you have access to key investment professionals that can interpret the investment landscape for you. Provisus helps clients build well diversified portfolios that utilize the most appropriate strategy.

A Better Investment Approach

Recent market cycles have many clients questioning their current investment strategy. The days of “set it and forget it” appear to be gone.

Provisus will stay on top of your investments and market trends in order to meet your needs. Provisus offers investment strategies built on a solid academic foundation that is adaptive to changing markets.

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