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This section contains articles and interviews which the leading experts and senior managers of Provisus Wealth Management have given through the years. We have also included articles about our company. Reading the articles here means that you can stay up to date with the independent opinions of the media about Provisus as well as news and events in the investment management field.
Provisus Earns Spot in 2018 Growth 500 September 2018
Provisus Earns Spot in 2018 Growth 500 – Canadian Business unveils 30th annual list of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies – (Toronto, September 13, 2018) Canadian Business and Maclean’s today ranked Provisus Wealth Management No. 456 on the 30th annual Growth 500, the definitive ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies. Produced by Canada’s...
Why value means beating the benchmark August 2018
Proving value is becoming increasingly important for advisors – and beating the benchmark remains a top calling card.
Baby boomers are last to the ETF party – what gives? April 2018
Chris Ambridge, president and chief investment officer at Provisus Wealth Management in Toronto, isn't surprised it has taken boomers a little longer to get into ETFs.
Running in Quicksand March 2018
Advisors must be able to recognize today’s challenges and opportunities and work at realigning their practice.
Robo-advisor irony is “quite laughable” February 2018
Robo-advisors may appeal to the younger generation but most people still want the comfort of a human expert to lead them through the nuances of investing.
Will new disclosure rules lead advisers to finally abandon segregated funds? February 2018
What an investor ends up with in segregated funds is a portfolio with higher-than-normal fees, marginal performance and features they may not really need. The peace of mind of seg funds comes with a cost, but has that cost become too high? As exchange-traded funds and pay-for-performance pooled funds gain...
Seg funds targeted February 2018
Although insurance advisors may have a more difficult time selling segregated funds as regulators move to harmonize the disclosure regime of seg funds with that of mutual funds, investors will benefit from the shift toward greater transparency.
Why advisors should brace themselves for CRM3 February 2018
Chris Ambridge, president and chief investment officer at Provisus Wealth Management, said that while, for many, the change has been painful, advisors must accept that this age of regulation is here to stay.
Practice Transition Prolong your practice December 2017
Most advisors who seek to sell their firms won't get the price they're after and deep down they don't even really want to sell.
The true value of practice management October 2017
Practice management may have turned into something of a buzzword in the financial advisory business, but at its core is a systematic process that can help advisors boost their value proposition and potentially attract a new set of clients.
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