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This section links to past issues of our newsletters. The Investment Review highlights activity and financial market analysis for each quarter of the year. The Monthly Insight communiqués are intended to deliver timely and thought provoking investment knowledge and financial market data.

Investment Review

Q4 2022
Optimism in the financial markets seems to be very scarce. Pessimism is rampant but fortunately, the conditions that got us...
Q3 2022
The global economy could possibly avert a recession as data is starting to point to a potential soft landing; inflation...
Q2 2022
This has been one of the most chaotic and unpredictable periods in decades. It began with the pandemic; then lockdowns;...
Q1 2022
Investors had few places to hide as the world became a more dangerous place.
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Monthly Insight

Why Household Debt Will Not Kill The Economy March 2023
While concerns over the cost of rising interest rates and their impact on capital market expectations is certainly valid, history...
First Five Days of January February 2023
There are many investment indicators, strategies, anomalies and down right myths that influence investors strategies or trading patterns.
Fixed Income is Resilient January 2023
To put it plainly, 2022 has been exasperating for investors across all asset classes. Perhaps the most difficult result to...
If the Equity Markets have bottomed, then… December 2022
The Canadian stock market has rallied 10.4% since September 30th. After dramatic losses for the first three quarters of 2022,...
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