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This section links to past issues of our newsletters. The Investment Review highlights activity and financial market analysis for each quarter of the year. The Monthly Insight communiqués are intended to deliver timely and thought provoking investment knowledge and financial market data.

Investment Review

Q4 2020
Virus + Vaccine = Volatility. After surging and retreating in the spring and the summer, the Covid-19 pandemic has worsened...
Q3 2020
The good news is that the world’s economies have proven more resilient to the COVID-19 crisis than many had feared...
Q2 2020
There are increasing signs that the collapse in economic activity caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has bottomed out and a...
Q1 2020
2020 got off to a pretty good start. The long anticipated signing of the trade agreement between China and the...
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Monthly Insight

The Other January Effect January 2021
Most investors have heard of the January Effect, which is the observation that January has historically been the best month...
Quick Plunges / Sharp Rebounds December 2020
Dramatic and sudden declines in stock markets are rare and can be painful initially. These situations are often the final...
Yield Thirsty Investors should look at Stock Dividends November 2020
Interest rates are hitting all-time lows due to COVID-19 fears. There is a very distinct possibility that interest rates are...
Monthly Market Enthusiasm October 2020
When investors discuss the worst month for stock market performance most think of October.
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