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This section links to past issues of our newsletters. The Investment Review highlights activity and financial market analysis for each quarter of the year. The Monthly Insight communiqués are intended to deliver timely and thought provoking investment knowledge and financial market data.

Investment Review

Q1 2022
Investors had few places to hide as the world became a more dangerous place.
Q4 2021
As we enter a new year that is still being dominated by the pandemic, investors are looking for the best...
Q3 2021
Resurgence and recovery have been the watchwords this year, as the global economy regained its footing after the downdraft of...
Q2 2021
Of course, there are still obstacles ahead, but the outlook continues to be one of resounding promise.
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Monthly Insight

Painful Interest Rate Increases May 2022
The biggest threat bonds face is an increase in interest rates, and they will rise eventually. The wake-up call for...
Rate Hikes and the Stock Market April 2022
Historically there has been a strong inverse relationship between interest rates and stock prices. Specifically, whenever interest rates rise, stock...
Maintaining Perspective March 2022
Stock markets around the world have been getting choppy lately; raising the question, is now the time to panic? Investors...
Value and Growth Stocks Diverge February 2022
Alarm bells have been ringing across trading desks as the Federal Reserve indicated that it would slow down its policy...
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