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This section links to past issues of our newsletters. The Investment Review highlights activity and financial market analysis for each quarter of the year. The Monthly Insight communiqués are intended to deliver timely and thought provoking investment knowledge and financial market data.

Investment Review

Q4 2021
As we enter a new year that is still being dominated by the pandemic, investors are looking for the best...
Q3 2021
Resurgence and recovery have been the watchwords this year, as the global economy regained its footing after the downdraft of...
Q2 2021
Of course, there are still obstacles ahead, but the outlook continues to be one of resounding promise.
Q1 2021
The pandemic is not over but it does look like we have entered the final phase.
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Monthly Insight

Large Cap Equities Reward Patience January 2022
2021 was certainly an eventful year to say the least. Investors were faced with a barrage of negative headlines throughout...
Balanced Portfolios Still Work December 2021
When investing in capital markets, investors have a wide array of choices. The primary task facing investors is choosing between...
Do Rising Short Rates Signal Pain for Bonds? November 2021
Interest rates could be on the rise in Canada next year as the Bank of Canada reverses its long term...
Who Will Lead? October 2021
History never repeats itself in exactly the same way but similarities exist, especially in the timing of economic events or...
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