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Provisus Wealth Management works with the following professionals on a referral basis:


Exempt Market

Financial Planners



Provisus allows advisors to free up time that can be better spent growing their businesses and strengthening client relationships. Provisus can be an extension of your office, handling your investment and administrative needs such as trading, research, due diligence, reporting and billing so you can focus on your client relationships.

Go Fee Based

The investment industry is rapidly shifting from a sales focus to a service focus and from products to appropriate and suitable investments.

Sales → Service

Products → Appropriate Investments

Recently there has been an increasing call to implement a fiduciary standard amongst all advisors. A key to this shift will be how advisors are compensated. Moving from a commission to a fully disclosed fee is a fundamental way the industry is shifting and Provisus operates a fully disclosed fee based service.

How We Can Help

The Transcend Program is a sophisticated investment solution which was developed for High Net Worth clients.

1. Interview Prospective Clients

The next time you sit down with your clients, mention the changing investment landscape and the benefits of working with Provisus.

These benefits can include a professionally managed comprehensive portfolio consisting of individual securities; complete transparency of portfolio holdings and fees; tax efficiency with the ability to offset gains with losses; and potentially tax deductible fees for non-registered accounts.

2. Request Online Risk Profile Questionnaire

Contact Provisus to request online access for the prospective investor to complete their risk profile.

The client completes the questionnaire which is a comprehensive assessment of the client's financial goals, investment preferences and personal comfort level with risk.

3. Let Us Do The Rest

The result of the client financial assessment is a written Investment Policy Statement (IPS) designed specifically for that client.

Once the client's asset allocation is determined, asset classes, investments and wealth managers are chosen which best fit the client's investment profile while diversifying their holdings. Provisus has partnered with a dozen of the best institutional investment managers in Canada, each of whom has their own expertise and management style. Once a client is referred to Provisus, we become responsible for all aspects of the investment portfolios while financial advisors concentrate on all the other aspects of the client's strategy.

Here are some more ways Provisus can help you

Delegated Investment Management

Improved Operational Efficiencies

Customized Solutions

Staying Efficient

Lower Investment Minimums

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