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Who Will Lead? October 2021
History never repeats itself in exactly the same way but similarities exist, especially in the timing of economic events or cycles.
Equal vs. Market Cap Weighted Stocks September 2021
The 1990’s saw the launch of equal weighted indices in the U.S. which have outperformed their traditional cousins, the long standing market capitalization weighted (market cap) indices, by 1.5% per year for the S&P 500.
REITs vs. Interest Rates August 2021
The prevailing line of thinking in the investment world is that rising interest rates will spell doom for Real Estate Income Trusts (REITs). In reality this is completely wrong.
Inflation vs. Returns July 2021
The demand for safe haven assets has surged as inflation fears begin to grow. Inflation is defined as a rise in the general price level so that the real value of money’s purchasing power declines.
Market Timing Mirage June 2021
Stock investors often hear about the axiom “sell in May and go away” around this time of year. It implies that investors should sell their stocks in early May and buy them back in late October at a lower price.
Canadian Dollar Undergoing Huge Transition May 2021
The global financial markets are intertwined into one gigantic and convoluted web. This is especially evident with the relationship between currencies and bond spreads (which are the difference between various countries’ bond interest rates).
After One Year April 2021
As the global economy struggles to find its way and volatility has once again erupted in the markets, investors can benefit from a little perspective. Investing through this turbulence has been painful.
It’s Been A Drag March 2021
Since 2013, the Canadian stock market has been in a major funk when compared to the U.S. stock market. Relative performance comparisons have been just plain ugly.
Prospect for Hope February 2021
Usually, it is not the most intelligent investors that prevail but the ones who are able to stay calm within the storm. All investors would like to know the future but they never can.
The Other January Effect January 2021
Most investors have heard of the January Effect, which is the observation that January has historically been the best month to be invested in stocks.

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