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Balancing Risk & Reward January 2019
One of the core pieces of information in the financial planning process is the assumption of what the future return for a portfolio could be. Certainly, higher returns are more desirable as they generate greater spending power and/or the potential to achiever goals sooner. Of course, the standard caveat is...
Bursting the High Volatility Bubble December 2018
Current volatility levels are not even close to being high. In fact, we are very close to being in one of the least volatile periods since 2000.
What will Trigger a Recession November 2018
The riskiest forms of lending are missing, financial institutions are well capitalized, and while asset prices look stretched, it is difficult to make the case that they are dangerously overvalued. So hopefully the next global downturn is more likely to be relatively mild and short lived.
Peak Volatility October 2018
October gives way to what is historically the best four months of stock performance in Canada, the months of December through March.
Rising Short Rate Doesn’t Mean Bond Disaster September 2018
Interest rates have been on the rise in Canada since June 2017 and the general consensus is that they will continue to go up. What will this mean to the average client’s portfolio? Of course, everyone knows that rising interest rates are bad for bonds, right? In reality, history shows...
Reversing the Performance Difference August 2018
The performance difference between Canadian and U.S. stocks has been very pronounced over the past few years, but that could be about to change. Of course, the U.S. is a growth stock market and Canada is deep value, which as most investors know do very well during the late stages...
Uniquely Canadian July 2018
Around the world, particularly since the bottom of the stock market crash of 2008 (which occurred in February 2009), growth stocks have lead the recovery – but not in Canada. Global value stocks have traditionally produced greater gains during good quarters and bigger declines through bad quarters but Canada is...
The Downside of Market Timing – Missing Out! June 2018
Trying to avoid a bear market can come at a very steep price: missing out on further gains if you get it wrong. Market timing can be a costly mistake since correctly timing the market is virtually impossible. The potential mistakes are just as severe whether you are trying to...
Closing The Gap May 2018
Dividend paying stocks have been very popular with investors in recent years due to weak returns in the bond market. That picture appears to be shifting in Canada for the first time in almost a decade. As the Bank of Canada has slowly tightened monetary policy, bond yields have naturally...
Great Expectations? April 2018
Asset allocation is one of the most important decisions investors will likely make. There are a number of risk factors related to the type of investments used as well as their mix which makes determining the appropriate capital market assumptions necessary. There are many firms which provide investment assumptions to...

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