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Investment Executive- Provisus subsidiary to introduce unique online platform May 2016
Transcend Private Client Corp., a subsidiary of Toronto-based portfolio management firm Provisus Wealth Management Ltd., is bringing flexible financial planning and “pay for performance” investing services to individual investors with the launch of its Transcend Direct online platform. Specifically, the firm will charge clients a fee of 0.25% for the... – How Outsourcing Investment Management Will Improve Your Practice March 2016
Managing wealth has evolved beyond investment management. Advisors must provide greater value to their clients to justify their fees, or else risk losing business to lower-cost competitors. Clients’ growing demands can cause stress for any advisor trying to develop a successful practice. Advisors need to differentiate themselves from industry alternatives... – Segment Your Book For a Stronger Firm January 2016
Most new advisors are concerned with creating a viable practice and their primary focus is growing their number of clients so they accept clients indiscriminately. They cement this approach into their practices and it’s difficult to change. Yet as their firms mature, advisors should fully analyze their businesses to determine... – Two Strategies for Being a More Competitive Advisor September 2015
lients with between $100,000 and $1 million of liquid financial assets are becoming a key battleground for the wealth management industry. Banks and stock brokers, which previously targeted clients with greater than $1 million to invest, are starting to look further down the ladder, and mutual fund advisors and financial...
Benefits – High Correlation between Canadian Emerging Markets August 2015
ven though Canada is a developed market, its stocks often have a closer relationship with emerging market stocks, than with U.S., European or Asian stocks, says a report from Provisus Wealth Management. That’s mainly because our economy is resource-rich, and driven by the success of resource-related sectors. Read: Investing in emerging...
Investment – Canadian Equities Resemble Emerging Market Stocks In Many Ways August 2015
Canadian stocks have exhibited a higher correlation with emerging market stocks than with stocks in the United States or other major developed markets over the past 12 years, according to a new report. Between December 2002 and June 2015, the S&P/TSX Composite Index had a higher correlation with emerging market...
The Globe and – Putting Weak Bond Returns in Historical Perspective June 2015
Investors have long divided their assets between stocks and bonds in the belief that those asset classes counterbalance each other. One "zigs" when the other "zags". The theory of complementary asset classes is the cornerstone of investment management. However, the correlation between stocks and bonds is constantly changing and currently... – Don’t Wait for Succession Planning to Become Mandatory May 2015
Today’s advisors manage complicated portfolios and navigate an increasingly complex financial system for their clients. But what happens when an advisor is incapacitated or dies suddenly? How will clients continue to be served without disruption? Death or incapacitation aside, many financial advisors are approaching retirement – one in 10 is...
The Globe and – REITs Continue to Thrive in Periods of Rising Short Term Rates May 2015
The prevailing line of thinking in the investment world is that rising interest rates will spell doom for Real Estate Income Trusts (REITs). In reality the contrary is correct. The truth is that in periods of increasing short term interest rates, REITs have performed extremely well. In most instances REITs... – Expect More Surprises from the Bank of Canada January 2015
This morning, the Bank of Canada cut its overnight rate target for the first time since Sept. 2010. The rate’s now 0.75%. Before today, analysts speculated the central bank wouldn’t nudge rates higher until mid-2015 to coincide with the U.S. Federal Reserve’s expected increase. But now, oil prices are down about 55%...

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