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Robo-advisers face new rival as the cheapest place to get investing advice September 2016
Robo-advisers have barely been around two years in Canada, but their run as the cheapest place to get investing advice is already being challenged. A new investment firm called Transcend is offering light financial planning and portfolios built using equity funds that have a very low fee of 0.25 per...
Provisus confirmed as one of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies September 2016
For the third consecutive year, Provisus Wealth Management retained a position on the distinguished PROFIT 500 list of Canada's Fastest-Growing Companies. The list will highlight some of Canada's most successful companies from a wide range of industries. Provisus, an integrated wealth management company, provides leading edge investment strategies. Recently, the company launched...
Economic anguish causing high bond prices, says Provisus CEO August 2016
Bond market yields are one of the great anomalies of the investment world in 2016. Putting your money into fixed income currently represents not much more than cold storage. The amount of countries that have negative yields on government bonds continues to grow, which clearly doesn’t say much for the...
Fees can be such a drag: Wealth president on needed reporting reform July 2016
Mutual funds, despite being the investment vehicle of choice for millions of Canadians, are regularly underperforming – and fees are the culprit, says a wealth management president. Chris Ambridge of Provisus Wealth Management says that many low-fee options aren’t always what they seem, as reporting doesn’t take the drag from...
Wealth Professional: New pay-for-performance funds to offer investors something different June 2016
A new pay-for-performance structure has been introduced for pooled funds in Canada – and it’s putting a wealth management firm’s money where its mouth is. Provisus Wealth Management, which has been in business in Canada for over a decade, has launched a sister company named Transcend, which will offer a...
Investment Executive- Provisus subsidiary to introduce unique online platform May 2016
Transcend Private Client Corp., a subsidiary of Toronto-based portfolio management firm Provisus Wealth Management Ltd., is bringing flexible financial planning and “pay for performance” investing services to individual investors with the launch of its Transcend Direct online platform.
Investment – Canadian Equities Resemble Emerging Market Stocks In Many Ways August 2015
Canadian stocks have exhibited a higher correlation with emerging market stocks than with stocks in the United States or other major developed markets over the past 12 years, according to a new report.
The Globe and – Putting Weak Bond Returns in Historical Perspective June 2015
Investors have long divided their assets between stocks and bonds in the belief that those asset classes counterbalance each other. One "zigs" when the other "zags". The theory of complementary asset classes is the cornerstone of investment management. However, the correlation between stocks and bonds is constantly changing and currently...
The Globe and – REITs Continue to Thrive in Periods of Rising Short Term Rates May 2015
The prevailing line of thinking in the investment world is that rising interest rates will spell doom for Real Estate Income Trusts (REITs). In reality the contrary is correct. The truth is that in periods of increasing short term interest rates, REITs have performed extremely well. In most instances REITs...
Investment – Independent Citadel keeps its eye on the prize March 2008
It’s been more than a year since John Hanrahan established Citadel Securities Inc. in Halifax, and the seasoned securities firm executive says that the company, while small, is continuing to expand, with an eye to developing eventually into a national firm specializing in junior and mid-market companies.

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