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Why advisors should brace themselves for CRM3 February 2018
Chris Ambridge, president and chief investment officer at Provisus Wealth Management, said that while, for many, the change has been painful, advisors must accept that this age of regulation is here to stay.
Practice Transition Prolong your practice December 2017
Most advisors who seek to sell their firms won't get the price they're after and deep down they don't even really want to sell.
The true value of practice management October 2017
Practice management may have turned into something of a buzzword in the financial advisory business, but at its core is a systematic process that can help advisors boost their value proposition and potentially attract a new set of clients.
Transcend launches new fund under pay-for-performance fee model October 2017
Clients who invest in Multi-Strategy High Yield Fixed Income pay a nominal amount unless the fund outperforms its benchmark
Are Investment Fees for suckers? September 2017
Now a new fee concept is on the market. Last year, Canada’s first Pay-for-Performance™ investment service launched. It shifts power to investors by aligning fees to investment results relative to benchmarks. While a basic admin fee of 0.25% is charged, investors do not pay any more unless the performance of the...
Advisors need to counter growing threat of robo-advisors June 2017
As new research shows robo-advisors are gaining traction among clients, advisors should find ways to use these tools as well as provide the unique services that set them apart
Top 5 issues baby boomers want addressed by robo-advisors April 2017
For many people in the personal financial sector the growth (or should I say explosion) of robo-advisors has been unnerving.  The tried and true methods used by traditional financial advisors are being challenged by people who say technology can meet all investment requirements at a lower cost.
New Provisus funds chase higher returns at ETF prices February 2017
With investors expected to more closely watch the fees they pay and the returns they get, Provisus Wealth Management has released a series of funds that offers lower fees and a tighter focus on performance. The Toronto-based portfolio manager’s new series, Transcend, is a web-based service made available directly to...
CRM2 rules spur pay-for-performance model adoption January 2017
In a few weeks, many investing firms will be sending clients annual reports with two critical pieces of information: how much they paid in actual dollars and how well their portfolios have done over time. While firms technically have until July 14 to comply, most operate on a calendar-year basis...
Are performance-based fees better for investors? New disclosure rules have firms experimenting January 2017
As new disclosure rules give Canadian investors a clearer picture of how much they pay in fees, some financial services firms have begun experimenting with alternative arrangements in which their paydays are more closely linked to how well —  or poorly — their clients’ investments have performed. As opposed to...

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