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Q1 2022
Investors had few places to hide as the world became a more dangerous place.
Q4 2021
As we enter a new year that is still being dominated by the pandemic, investors are looking for the best way forward.
Q3 2021
Resurgence and recovery have been the watchwords this year, as the global economy regained its footing after the downdraft of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Q2 2021
Of course, there are still obstacles ahead, but the outlook continues to be one of resounding promise.
Q1 2021
The pandemic is not over but it does look like we have entered the final phase.
Q4 2020
Virus + Vaccine = Volatility. After surging and retreating in the spring and the summer, the Covid-19 pandemic has worsened in recent months but the approval of several very effective vaccines should allow life to mostly return to normal by the fall.
Q3 2020
The good news is that the world’s economies have proven more resilient to the COVID-19 crisis than many had feared thanks to rapid policy action. Governments subsidized incomes and helped companies stay afloat while central banks cut interest rates and ensured that stressed financial markets remained liquid. However, the easy...
Q2 2020
There are increasing signs that the collapse in economic activity caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has bottomed out and a recovery is underway. The fact that markets have generally picked up from April’s lows is great news. Still, while the slump seems to have bottomed out, the recovery is likely...
Q1 2020
2020 got off to a pretty good start. The long anticipated signing of the trade agreement between China and the U.S. took place while leading indicators and the inventory cycle signaled that the global economic environment was improving. In the second half of January however, concerns over the COVID-19 outbreak...
Q4 2019
2019 was a dynamic and unpredictable year. It ended with a triumphant, broad-based rally on a scale not seen in quite some time. Rarely has everything worked simultaneously like it did last year; large and small cap stocks, developed and emerging market stocks, bonds, commodities and real estate — all...

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