Transcend Program

Provisus Wealth Management offers clients tailor-made portfolios using a carefully selected team of money managers with unique investment styles, working in harmony to meet each client's financial goals.

Provisus works with the following professionals on a referral basis:


Financial Planners

Exempt Market



Provisus allows advisors to free up time that can be better spent growing their businesses and strengthening client relationships. Provisus can be an extension of your office, handling your investment and administrative needs such as trading, research, due diligence, reporting and billing so you can focus on your client relationships.

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Platform Traded Funds

Provisus Wealth Management has created a series of 9 unique Platform Traded Funds (PTFs) that transact and settle just like listed stocks and ETFs. These PTFs are primarily designed for fee-based investors who work directly with either discretionary or non-discretionary advisors/PMs. Advisors can place PTFs orders through their own equity trading platform and custodial platform.

Wealth managers need to offer a robust set of solutions to directly satisfy each of their client’s goals. The Provisus PTFs were developed to provide eligible investors and advisors an entirely NEW approach to deliver efficient and lower-cost investment products that can generate valued-added results or Alpha.

Another big advantage for investors lie's the fact that PTFs from Provisus have management fees that are approximately 26% lower than the pro-rate market cap weighted average equity ETFs fees, but with the upside of active management. Provisus’ PTFs truly represent the evolution of active management.

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